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Backyard Ponds Leak Fix Request

Backyard Ponds has been building, repairing and maintaining Ponds in the Maryland-DC-Virginia area for 25 years.

Please NOTE: if you are a new customer for Backyard Ponds, please go to the Estimates page to make your request.  Simply click on the Estimates Request link at the top of this page.  This is the best way to begin the process of working together since we’ll have all of your accurate contact information. If you are an existing customer, please proceed on this page with your request.  You will need to submit the form at the bottom of this page it complete your request.  If you have questions or concerns not addressed here, please email, text (301-888-6532) us or call the office (240-614-7960).  Thank you.


If the water level is significantly dropping in your pond, you may have a leak.  Some reduction in water level is natural, due to evaporation.  “Normal” water level drops can be heightened by hot weather, droughts and ponds with large amounts of surface area.  

If your pond is losing more than an inch of water per day, it likely has a leak somewhere.  A leaky pond can lead to equipment failures, expensive water bills, and lots of worry.  

If your pond is leaking, it needs to be fixed.

Generally, our customers are able to help diagnose the source of the leak by performing a simple test prior to our visit.  Once we receive your service request, we will send you the test information.  We find that the vast majority of leaks can be diagnosed once our customers perform a test or answer some basic questions.  For example, if you turn off your pump for a day and your water level in the pond basin stays constant, the leak is probably related to the waterfall or pond’s plumbing.


We’re happy to provide a leak test for your pond, but this generally will result in a technician visit to set up the test for leak diagnosis, plus a visit to evaluate the result and work on a solution. Leaks can be easy or tricky.  We cannot guarantee that we can fix a leak in one visit or even fix every leak, particularly in cases were leaks have multiple causes. Having said that, our track record on leak fixes is outstanding.  Our technicians are knowledgeable, experienced and persistent.  The vast majority of leaks can be fixed in less than an hour of technician time.

Please fill out the form below to submit a service request.  When we have your information, we will strive to get a technician to your pond within two business days at the latest.  For emergencies, please place your request through our “Pond Emergencies” service.

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