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We Believe Your Pond Should Sparkle Every Day!

Ideally, pond care that is done with attention to detail and routinely will result in a beautiful pond each and every day.  While there are a number of key elements to that care, success can be achieved when those elements are addressed properly.  Whether we do the work, we do it together with your, or you simply do it all yourself, proper care is critical to your pond’s health and beauty.

Our checklist for proper pond care includes these categories:

Water: algae control, water level, debris removal and clarity

Bio Health: fish, plants and friendly critters

Lighting: bulbs, fixtures, and transformers

Plumbing: pumps, tubing, filters, and skimmers

Structural: rocks, waterfalls, and liners

With SparkleCare, we take a deep dive into each of these categories.  We are building out our online resources in order to share our expertise and do all we can to keep your pond sparkling.